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Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone propionate
Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone propionate
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Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone propionate


About the drug

The very course of Trenbolone acetate + Testosterone propionate, is considered more forceful and perfectly suited for powerlifting. It is worth noting that in most cases, if the course refers to power, then it implies a drying effect. Increasing strength and endurance, always leads to an increase in the potential for more active training, which gives a good relief and drying. Also, an important point, this increase in muscle density, which in turn gives the athlete body visual stiffness and muscular tension.

The set of muscle mass is the same, it will be noticeable, of course there is no point in talking about a huge muscle gain. From the course of Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate, you can get up to 5 kg. muscle mass.


Working and Positive Effects


You do not need to be an overweight athlete who needs to dry, this course even better suits athletes who are not inclined to fatness. It is not necessary to buy such courses of strong steroids, which give for a month of reception +10, or +15 kg.

Characteristics of the Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone propionate course:

•Significant increase in strength;

•Increased level of endurance and motivation in training;

•Gradual increase in dry muscle mass;

•There is a pronounced effect of drying during the reception of steroids;

•Improvement of muscular relief and stiffness of the entire musculature.


Dosage and Expected Result


This course of Trenbolone acetate and Testosterone propionate is designed for a duration of up to 5 weeks. This is not a short and not a long course, but a golden mean and, moreover, a rational expenditure of money.

Trenbolone acetate - intramuscular injection in a total volume of 10 ml. on an oil basis. Days for intramuscular injections Monday - Thursday. It is strictly on these days at any time of the day, you need to put 1 ml. Trenbolona and so for 5 weeks.

Testosterone propionate - intramuscular injections with the correct volume for 5 weeks of a course of 10 ml. Days for administration of the drug intramuscularly Tuesday - Friday. Adhering to the schedule, we put a prop for these days, 1 ml each. in each specified day. This volume is enough for exactly a course of 5 weeks, 2 ml each. for one week. In the refrigerator, as well, do not hold, this will only complicate the procedure for administering the drug.

Proviron - an oral drug not steroid type, is included in the course after two weeks and is taken to 1 tab. every day for 20 days. This course includes: Trenbolone acetate 10 ml. + Testosterone propionate 10 ml. + Proviron 20 tab. + Clomed 20 tab.

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