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Trenbolone acetate
Trenbolone acetate
Model: Trenbolone acetate 100 mg/1ml
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Tranbolone Acetate by Malay Tiger


Tranbolone Acetate is an anabolic drug that was released in the form of injections and usually is based on nandrolone. The effect and principle of action are more anabolic and androgenic than estrogenic. The drug is more often compared with androgenic than with nandrolone, because it has several times more androgen activity in comparison with testosterone. This fact makes Trabolonone Acetate one of the most powerful anabolic drugs ever produced for the commercial market.


How Does Trabolonone Acetate Act?

Tranbolone Acetate was originally derived for the veterinary profile: it increased appetite and muscle mass gain in livestock. Later it was used by athletes for similar purposes. Therefore Tranbolone Acetate, which is available in the form of injections, is the most efficient drug with the shortest period of action among its counterparts. Due to the fact that the active substance of the drug is deposited and stored in a so-called fat depot, the product gradually and regularly enters the blood. But nevertheless, a short interval, intended for the disintegration of matter, implies an increase in the number of injections, which is a priori inconvenient, especially for beginners.

After an application of Tranbolone Acetate, the increase of the muscle growth and increase in muscle mass is noticeable and pronounced. During the course of taking a steroid, you can gain up to 10 kg. Also, taking Tranbolone Acetate helps in reducing fat mass. Improving the effect is due to the production of growth hormone. Do not ignore the power indicators, as well as increased libido and attraction.


The Rules for the Reception of Tranbolone Acetate


It is necessary to consult a specialist before applying this medication. The dosage and the duration of taking the drug should also be formulated by a specialist in order to avoid the appearance of side effects. Producers initially are not recommended, even more likely to be prohibited, taking the drug to beginners and women.

·The permissible dosage is 50 milligrams per day. You should not exceed the recommended dose in order to enhance the effect of taking the drug.

·Begin the course with minimal dosage, slowly increasing them to the optimal.

· Such a measured entry into the course provides an opportunity to understand the reaction of the body to the active substance and avoid side effects.

Therefore, the most effective dose is 100-300 mg per week, where the duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. Weekly dosage is divided into 2-3 small doses of the drug.

As for the side effects, they are quite obvious as for steroids. It can be insomnia and increased blood pressure. The appearance of acne and alopecia is also possible especially if you will self-medicate. Together with increased arterial pressure, the increase of the aggression is possible. What can be considered positive is the lack of influence on the kidneys and the liver (if taken in moderate doses). Although athletes note that during the course of their course, their urine is red, indicating that the kidneys are affected, experts say that this is a completely imaginary effect, and it appears because the substance is excreted by the body. It is important to understand that the chance of getting complications from side effects is enhanced by combining Tranbolone with Clenbuterol.

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