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Trenbolone enanthate, British Dragon

Trenbolone enanthate
Producer: British Dragon
Model: 10 ml/200mg
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About the drug

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid. This powerful drug was originally created for veterinary purposes to increase weight. Then the drug began to use athletes in athletics, bodybuilding, powerlifting. The drug is superior to testosterone and nandrolone. Such indicators make it worthy of the mass during the course of drying.

The drug is injected. It is available in various forms: parabolan, trenbolone acetate and enanthate. Select the ether, depending on the desired result. The difference is in the period of active action.

Every sportsman should buy Trenbolone - the most common drug, whose goal is to increase muscle mass and directly prepare for the tournament.


The drug is not aromatized, does not pass into estrogen and has no adverse reactions of an estrogenic nature. Trenbolone is a derivative of nandrolone. Trenbolone, in contrast to Nandrolone, is not subjected to 5-a-reductase, which does not give efficacy and has a weak dihydronandrolone. Thanks to this, the effect of Trenbolone is very strong.

The duration of drugs Day 1, side effects do not occur with the correct dosages.

Taking the drug gives a positive result on the body, ensuring safety and maximum effectiveness. Application of the drug gives such indicators:

  • Increased muscle mass;
  • Preservation of effect after the course;
  • Elimination of excess fat;
  • A decrease in the level of cortisol;
  • Stimulation of growth hormone;
  • Increase in strength indicators.

Dosage and Expected Resul

Buy Trenbolon online on our website. We are. Women are not recommend to take this drug. The standard dosage, which does not cause side effects, is 50 mg every day or 100 mg every other day. The drug is great for a short course of about 4-5 weeks. You should start taking the drug with small doses, which will allow you to trace the effect on the body.

Trenbolot is taken both individually and in combinations. The combination gives a more effective result. The best combination of this drug with Winstrol, Anavar, Turinabol, Methandiene, testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate. Testosterone makes that drug more easily, while increasing its properties.

This drugs is not combined with Clenbuterol, Ephedrine

Athletes isolate the drug due to its strong anabolic properties. The drug is used by those who already had experience with the use of ACC (anabolic steroid). Independent dosage increase is not desirable. Consult a doctor before starting the course.

Precautions and Side Effects

Due to its inability to aromatize to estrogen under the influence of 5-alpha-reductase, the drug is completely devoid of such annoying side effects as fluid accumulation or gynecomastia.

This property, coupled with an extremely powerful effect of increasing muscle mass, increasing muscle tone and enhancing strength, makesthis drug a very good choice for athletes preparing for competitions and undergoing intensive training.

However, the drug four times stronger suppresses the production of its own testosterone, which can lead to unpleasant side effects such as decreased libido, testicular atrophy, or weakening of the erection. Being a derivative of testosterone, it has a number of similarities with nandrolone in relation to progestational activity.

Thus, this drug can bind to progesterone receptors, which can sometimes lead to a decrease in libido or gynecomastia, although these properties are almost not expressed in the agent. There are many advantages if you buy Trenbolone. Our store offers products from official representatives. Beware of fakes.

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