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Trenbolone + Sustanon 250
Trenbolone + Sustanon 250
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Trenbolone + Sustanon 250


About the drug

The course of Trenbolone acetate and Sustanon 250 primarily affects the increase in strength and endurance. Such combinations of steroids are often used in power sports when preparing for competitions. Applying a similar course a month before the performance, the athlete significantly increases his chances of winning and can easily show a higher level of preparation.

The set of muscle mass when using Trenbolone and the Sustanon 250 is also expressed. These two anabolic steroids well increase the overall musculature of the body, but each works in its own way. It is considered a basic steroid for a set of dry muscle mass and removes excess fluid from the body. It also contributes to the noticeable burning of fatty deposits, while improving the relief and venousness. Trenbolone acetate is not prone to aromatization, promotes the recruitment of only high-quality musculature with a high degree of conservation of results.


Working and Positive Effects


Sustanon 250 is a very well-known injectable steroid, well suited for strength and muscle mass gain. Used by both novice and professional athletes. In this course, it works well to increase muscle mass.


•A bright increase in strength and endurance by 30 -35%;

•Increase in muscle mass 4-6 kg;

•Increase in the relief of general musculature;

•Presence of effect of drying and increase of venousness;

•Rapid recovery after hard training;

•High degree of protein absorption by the body.


Dosage and Expected Result


The most important thing in any course of steroids, it's correctly chosen dosages. It is this factor that can affect your future results and side effects.

In this course, Trenbolone acetate and Sustanon 250, dosages are not large, but rather effective. The duration of taking the medication is 5 weeks, further after 2 weeks of interruption should PKT (after course therapy). For rapid recovery of the body after taking steroids, Clomid 20 tab. and it is desirable to connect testosterone booster Tribulus, for better effect.

Trenbolone acetate we have on the course of a 10 ml bottle, you need to put 2 times a week for 1 ml. for 1 time. We choose 2 days a week on the standard Monday-Thursday and strictly for 5 weeks we put intramuscularly 1 ml these days.

Sustanon 250 on the course offered the most popular option Organon price - quality. Capsule with ampoules of 2 ml. their 5 pieces, the total volume of 10ml. You will have one ampoule 2 times, put it exactly the same, only on Tuesday and Friday.

This course includes: Trenbolone acetate 10ml. + Sustanon 250 10 ml. + Clomid 20tab.

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