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Trenbolone + Testosterone cypionate, Course of steroids

Trenbolone + Testosterone cypionate
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About the drug

The proposed course is designed for an amateur athlete who wants to increase strength and endurance. Accordingly, the drugs of this action lead to a set of quality muscle mass in not large volumes. With proper diet and exercise, you can talk about the effect of drying and burning fat deposits in the dry muscles. To a greater extent, drugs that work effectively to increase strength and endurance, help get rid of a certain percentage of fat, but this process will not be total. Without a built-in diet and training for fat burning, to achieve the result in drying, it will be difficult, even on the best course.

Working and Positive Effects

The combination of Trenbolone enanthate and Testosterone cypionate in a single course with good basic exercises and nutrition for muscle mass gain will help not only increase the strengths, but also give a noticeable effect in the collection of muscle mass. In this regard, it can be noted that the emphasis is not on the retention of fluid and fat, but more on the quality and relief of general musculature.

Effects of the course Trenbolone + Testosterone:

  • Increase of power indicators by 25 - 30%
  • Increased stamina and ability to work in strength training
  • Presence of explicit motivation in training
  • Increase in muscle mass about 3 - 4 kg.
  • The effect of not large drying during the course of admission
  • Increase in the relief and stiffness of the musculature 

Dosage and Expected Result

Trenbolone enanthate is a long-decay ether, so the price of this steroid has always been a little expensive, but for a set of dry mass and strength, it is one. The drug does not have a high degree of aromatization and is not prone to fluid retention, so it is aimed at dry weight and strength. Its average dosage is 400 mg. per week (2ml.).

Testosterone cypionate is similar to Enanthate, but according to athletes it is believed that it is Cypionate that has a more pronounced effect and works a little brighter in terms of strength indicators. The drug is prone to some fluid retention, it all depends on the increase in dosage. But, not a large presence of liquid is simply necessary for the lubrication of joints, because when the course is not properly planned, this is often not taken into account. Testosterone cypionate and so exactly 5 weeks.

Anastrozole - used in the course to suppress the increase in female hormones in the athlete's blood.

Clomid - used after the course Trenbolone + Testosterone cypionate, at least after 2 weeks, and better and after three. It is accepted on 1 tab. every day for 20 days.

This course includes: Trenbolone enanthate 10 ml. + Testosterone cypionate 10 ml. + Anastrozole 20 tab. + Clomid 20 tab.

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