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Trenbolone: ​​what is it and why?

Trenbolone: ​​what is it and why?


Modern mankind is largely obsessed with its own appearance - today it is extremely fashionable to go to the "rocking chair", and not for show, but so that a person's hobby becomes obvious at first glance at him. It is clear that you want to get the result instantly, but for the formation of a sports figure you need to make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time, and in some people, the body may also not be inclined to rapid weight gain. Steroids are designed to solve this problem - a group of substances of animal or plant origin, one of the properties of which is a rapid set of muscle mass and growth of bones. Trenbolone is considered one of the most popular steroids widely used by athletes.


What is it?


Trenbolone, which is simply called tren for short in the environment of knowledgeable people, belongs to the group of anabolic steroids - it promotes rapid growth and cell renewal, which is especially pronounced in the case of muscle tissues. The drug also has a noticeable androgenic effect - it is not recommended for women to use it, as it emphasizes and makes the male side of the body more expressive. At the same time, developers and consumers point out that adherence to the recommended dosages completely eliminates the side effects possible for androgenic drugs, such as baldness of the scalp and increased hair growth in the rest of the body.


For the first time trenbolone appeared in scientific literature in 1967, when one of its slow-acting forms was described, but initially the serial production was not mastered. Later, the production of the drug in several forms was established by British Dragon, which, however, did not receive any official permission for its distribution. To date, trenbolone-based steroids are already produced by several different manufacturers, but they all do it unofficially, since the substance, despite its wide demand in the sports environment, has not become a pharmacy.


Features of reception and result


For women, any drugs based on trenbolone are contraindicated due to the strong androgenic effect, but men can inject the drug in an amount of 100 to 300 mg per week. The substance is active for two weeks, and it is possible to detect traces of it in the blood for about two more months, so the use of trenbolone injections by professional athletes participating in serious tournaments is not a good idea.


The main effect for which athletes take trenbolone or drugs based on it is a noticeable increase in physical strength, achieved much faster than without the use of such steroids. 


There are also isolated mentions that injections can adversely affect the libido of the one who takes the substance, but much more often they write that the effect is exactly the opposite - the libido grows no less than physical strength. At the same time, it is wrong to deny that the use of a third-party androgenic substance leads to some decrease in its own production of testosterone, and if you get carried away with injections, the undesirable consequences can really be noticeable.


Tren is also in high demand because it is devoid of most of the well-noticeable side effects typical of other steroids and anabolic steroids. From what will appear for sure, we note only a slight increase in blood pressure. In some cases, acne may also be a "bonus" to increased strength, but it all depends on the individual's disposition to it.