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TRENOGED-E, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: 10 ml/200mg
Availability: In stock
100 $

About the drug

Trenoged-E is a modern steroid agent, the active substance of which is trenboloneenanthate. The drug is used primarily within the framework of sport, incl. in bodybuilding. Athletes of various disciplines usually use it on long courses to increase quality weight, burn fat layer etc.

Trenoged-E 200 is the product of Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Chinese pharmacy giant, whose preparations only recently appeared on our market (in mid-2013). Despite the novelty of the Golden Dragon has already managed to win the confidence of domestic athletes, and their steroid products are in high demand and popularity.

In the last installments of Golden Dragon, a special security system was added from counterfeits, implying the introduction of a verification code on the official Golden Dragon. The code for a 10-ml injection is found under the protective layer on the label.

Working and Positive Effects

If you select the properties of Trenoged-E, then first of all it is worth noting that its effect is quite long. The period of activity of the drug is about 10-14 days after the last application, the half-life period is 7-8 days. Therefore, in its frequent introduction, there is no need (usually injections are put once or twice a full week).

It is also important to say that Trenoged-E is a potent anabolic, androgenic activity in which it is also quite high. Therefore, for admission, it is recommended mainly to experienced athletes who have repeatedly conducted courses involving weaker steroid drugs. It's also great for pros, who want to improve their physical fitness.

Trenoged-E properties and features on the course:

  • Rapid and qualitative muscle mass and pump;
  • Fast increase in strength indicators;
  • Fat burning (due to increased production of GR);
  • Increased level of insulin in the bloodr;
  • Lowering cortisol and increasing libido on the course.

Buy Trenoged-E online in our website to get the best price and quality.

Dosage and Expected Result

Trenoged-E is usually administered in some kind of mix with other steroid agents: it is combined with AAS, from stanozolol to testosterone esters, to achieve better results.

How to take the drug and with what steroids should it be combined? Really effective courses involving this steroid can be made up a lot. The choice of any particular combination is primarily determined by the athlete's goal, as well as his experience, including in the application of pharmacology, and financial opportunities.

The popular set of Trenoged-E, turinabol and testosterone propionate can be effectively carried out by those athletes for whom the primary goal is to make make the muscles stronger and bigger, increase the training activity and the number of repetitions. Dosages can be used as follows: this steroid at 200 mg per week, propionate at 100 mg every two days, turinabol at 40 mg per day. The course lasts 8 weeks, in its course (from the 10th day) is taken proviron (25 mg per day), and on PCT - clomiphene citrate (a week of 150 mg per day, a week of 100 and a week of 50 mg). Need the best result? Buy Trenoged-E online and build a body of your dream!

In turn, the course of such anabolic + testosterone enanthate is good for bodybuilders who have set a goal, gain large amounts of mass pump and increase strength. The dosage regimen can use the following: testosterone enanthate from 1 to 7 weeks (500 mg per week), given from 1 to 6 weeks (200 mg per week), gonadotropin from 3 weeks (500 units every three days for two weeks), on post-course therapy - tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate.

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