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Tri-Trenabol 150, British Dragon

Tri-Trenabol 150
Producer: British Dragon
Model: Trenbolone mix
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About the drug

This drug is one of the most popular steroids in the world. The reason for this is its exceptional time of action. Together with a mix of other drugs, it can have a prolonged effect on the growth of muscle fibers, an increase in dry weight and an increase in endurance. Many specialists developing training courses include it in the mandatory program of use when recruiting mass.

Because of the strength of the drug, Tri-Trenabol 150 is recommended only for the athletes who are the most experienced in the application of sports pharmacology. For beginners and women in sports, the impact of the mix of trenbolones may be excessive, associated with an increased risk of manifestations of pimples.

Working and Positive Effects

The drug is an analogue of Sustanonor Omnadren, where in stead of testosterone, the main active ingredientis the steroid trenbolone. It also exhibits an extremely powerful and lasting effect, superior to the individual esters of the steroid.

The main effect of Tri-Trenabol 150 for the athleteis a pronounced increase in muscle, increased strength, endurance and performance, fat burning, increased density and muscle relief. The reare also effects of increased appetite, libido and others, valued by men.

Tri-Trenabol (150 mg / ml, 10 ml) on the course provokes a decrease in the level of catabolic cortisol and increase the concentration of anabolic insulin - like factor human growth hormone.

On the other hand, where the strength of the action, there is the risk of the bad effect. For the athlete, the side effect Tri-Trenabol 150 may have an androgenic, progestin estrogen origin: water retention, high blood pressure, decreased testosterone production, gynecomastia, acne, alopecia, and others characteristic of trenbolone preparations.

The drug properties and features on the course:

  • Extreme muscle growth up to 10 kg;
  • Increased Strength And Endurance;
  • Increased libido.

Avoid the fake drugs. Buy Tri-Trenabol online in our website and get the best price and quality.

Dosage and Expected Result

The average dosage of Tri-Trenabol 150 for an athlete is 150-300 mg per week (up to 450-600 mg per week with the need and excellent tolerance of the body). Working doses are selected individually, depending on the tasks and experience in the application of sports pharmacology.

Secondly, Tri-Trenabol 150 from STMG Pharmacy seems to be powerful enough to be soloed. But if optimal results are necessary, then you should choose preparations for combined use: it is combined with testosterone, methandienone, boldenone, oxandrolone, oral tyrinabol, stanozolol, and other topical steroids for the development of athleticism.

Thirdly, the course of Tri-Trenabol 150 mg can effectively last up to 8 weeks (on average within 4-6 - 10-12 weeks). A high frequency of performing mix injections is not required. This is a long-acting (up to 2-3 weeks) steroid anabolic and androgen.

With a heavy, especially combination course of a mixture of trenbolones, you may need to take cabergoline (Dostinex), starting from the first weeks, to prevent progestogen side effects. Upon completion of the course, it is necessary to restore (post-course therapy): as required clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen restoring testosterone. BuyTri-Trenabol online and begin your path into the world of bodybuilding.

Be careful when choosing the dosage. Consult a medical professional about personal tolerability and combination with other steroids. Do not forget about the recovery course after a long reception of the drug.

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