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Turanabol + Boldenone 
Turanabol + Boldenone 
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Turanabol + Boldenone 


About the drug

The Turanabol + Boldenone course is great for levying muscle mass and if you prefer more quality as a result than accumulation of water and fat, then it will fit very well. This is a parallel combination of one oral steroid Turanabol and one injectable Boldenone, which are aimed at recruiting only quality musculature with a huge increase in strength, and with an excellent fat burning effect.

It is very suitable for athletes who dream of removing not a lot of excess and pumping muscles. Course Turanabol and Boldenone has long proved its ability to burn not a large percentage of fat, especially in the waist and in the subsequent increase in muscle mass. The resulting musculature will look bulky and embossed, emphasizing a beautiful and athletic figure, which is lacking very much.


Working and Positive Effects


The course itself Turanabol + Boldenon is designed for 5 weeks and assumes a result of 3 to 5 kg taking into account the burning of excess fat and the replacement of muscle. In fact, the increase in the mass is not huge, but visually the athlete will look with a pronounced musculature. The drugs do not belong to the strong, so do not expect side effects. Dosages are selected in such a way that even a beginner will get a good result and will not run into pimples.

Characteristic of Turanabol and Boldenon course:

•Perfect choice for beginners

•The average muscle mass pump of 4 kg or more;

•Zero aromatization;

•No side effects.


Dosage and Expected Result


Turanabol is an oral steroid, which has excellent indices of anabolic effect and a complete absence of aromatization, which does not lead to fluid retention and to side effects. It is able to greatly increase endurance and strength, the increase in muscle mass is observed throughout the course of admission. Has an excellent indication term of preserving the results, which makes it in demand among athletes of different directions.

The injection form of this anabolic repels many beginners, but the injection itself is not problematic and biting, even during the entire course there is no discomfort. Very good increases appetite, many have to control the huge hunger desire during the course. Promotes an excellent set of muscle mass, of exceptionally qualitative nature and increases strength indicators. Not prone to side effects, which makes it very popular. Together with Turinabol, Boldenon shows excellent characteristics and the results obtained make it necessary to buy this course more than once.

This course includes: Turinabol 100 tab. + Boldenone 10 ml. + Clomid 20 tab. after the course (you can without Clomid, there will not be any pobs).

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