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Turanabol oral + Propionate, Course of steroids

Turanabol oral + Propionate
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About the drug

The course of oral Turanabol and injectable propionate, in which the first drug exhibits pronounced anabolic and the second - androgenic activity, will allow the bodybuilders, powerlifters and any others to get a qualitative increase in muscle, to become ten times stronger and more enduring, to be able to recover faster after intensive training. This combination of drugs is considered quite soft in terms of impact on the body. If you follow the standard scheme of reception, you can count on rapid assimilation of steroids by the body, accelerated protein metabolism, buildup of good muscles, which can be maintained after the course. In this case, really not encounter with aromatization, gynecomastia and other pimples.

Working and Positive Effects

If we talk about the productive and powerful course Turanabol + Propionate, it is worth mentioning the specific positive effects that will allow both, a beginner and an experienced athlete, both drugs in case of their use in combination.

Guaranteed effects after using the Turanabol + Propionate:

  • Burning of excess fat and processing it into energy;
  • Delicate water withdrawal from the whole body;
  • Buildup of ideally dry, dense and rigid musculature;
  • Accelerated metabolism and anabolism in the structure of their musculature;
  • Rapid healing of cracks and other sports injuries.

Dosage and Expected Result

The amount of the Propionate needed for this period is 21 ampoules. Each ampoule contains 1 ml. drug, this is for one injection. In the refrigerator to store no sense, it does not deteriorate.

Its impact is directed to an effective set of tough and dense muscles and the inevitable growth of physical strength. The proposed Turanabol + Propionate course on mass and strength, in which both means interact, is aimed at speeding up protein metabolism, effectively building up presentable and enviable muscles. It can be recommended to both beginners and experienced law enforcers. In the second case, steroids will be used at higher dosages.

The average course duration is 6 weeks and we need 140 tab. Oral Turanabol - in the first week should take 3 tablets a day. In the next 2 - 3 - 4 weeks - 4 pieces every day. At week 5 we reduce the dosage by 3 tab. in a day and at 6 week we reduce by 2 tab. in a day. The drug is taken without a pass every day on a crushed scheme. The daily dose of Turanabol + Propionate is broken down for the whole day for 1 tab. with approximately equal rupture.

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