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Turanabol + Oxandrolone
Turanabol + Oxandrolone
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Turanabol + Oxandrolone


About the drug

The course Turanabol + Oxandrolone (Anavar) is not strong, this is due to its high degree of safety. Two oral steroid in one course are well suited for athletes who do not want to use strong steroids, much less in injectable form. Great for most newbies who want to get safe drugs and see an obvious result. The emphasis is on the good effect of taking the course and on the absence of side effects.


Working and Positive Effects


Using these drugs in a bunch, the athlete watches a gradual increase in strength and endurance, and after the first week of the course, you can see an increase in muscle. This process will look as natural as possible and will not create the effect of an athlete on steroids. In just 5 weeks of admission, you will receive about 5 kg. pure muscle mass without fluid retention and fat accumulation, this is a really good result. Additional intake of sports nutrition, necessarily affects the improvement of results and subsequent preservation.


•Increase in muscle mass to 5 kg in 5 weeks;

•A significant inflow of endurance and strength up to 30%;

•Increased relief and muscle density;

•Extreme drying during the entire drug intake;

•Complete absence of fluid retention in muscles;

•Rapid recovery after hard training.


Dosage and Expected Result


As in any other course, the most important is the admission scheme. Oxandrolone and Turanabol for 5 weeks in one course, this is not a frequent combination of steroids and therefore everything should be properly planned.

Doing a ladder, or a slide does not make much sense, because steroids are weak and long included in the work, if you delay the start with 1 - 2 tab. per day, then part of the course will be completely without a trace. You need to divide Oxandrolone and Turanabol into 2 doses per day. It turns out that in the morning (in the morning), take 3 tablets. Oxandrolone and after dinner (in the evening), take 3 tablets. Turanabol. This can be done, both before meals, and after, does not matter much. Similarly, we take all 5 weeks of the course, we can reverse the drugs on the contrary, the effect will not change.

PCT after taking Oxandrolone and Turanabol is also not complicated and costly. Drugs are not strong and the period of admission is not long, so it makes no sense to do after course therapy total and costly. You can do with testosterone booster Tribulus, or Clomid 20 tab., This is enough.

This course includes: Oxandrolone 100 tablets. + Turanabol 100 tab.

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