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Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate
Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate
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Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate


About the drug

Course Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate very well affects the increase in strength and muscle mass gain. The resulting effect is very similar to the course of Enanthate, but Cypionate is considered to be a longer ether, and therefore exerts its effect somewhat longer. Also, it should be noted that the proposed testosterone is noted by athletes as a drug that causes additional aggression. In practice, it looks quite different. The athlete can receive some additional incentive to conduct quality training, without feelings of weakness and apathy. Frenzy aggression at moderate dosages is not expressed, even if strongly to want. Admission sports nutrition, always positively affects the results.


Working and Positive Effects


A set of muscle mass when using the Turanabol and Testosterone cypionate course will be noticeable very well. When using a 5-week course, gain an increase of 7 kg. muscle mass, it's pretty much enough. You do not need to chase for +10, or +15, this will lead to a very large rollback, stick to the average indicators and then everything will be gradual and better.


•Increased strength and stamina by 35%;

•Increase in muscle mass for a course of 5 - 7 kg;

•Rapid recovery after weight training;

•Increased libido on the course;

•Minimum fluid retention for joint lubrication.


Dosage and Expected Result


If you are considering this course, then consider the fact that it is offered to amateur and beginner athletes, but not for serious pros. Dosages are used relatively not large to obtain a noticeable result, but do not harm your body and do not interfere with side effects.

The duration of the course of Turanabol and Testosterone Cypionate does not exceed 5 weeks and for this we need a pack of Turanabol 100 tab. and 10 ampoules of Testosterone Cypionate.

The reception of Turanabol is reduced to the minimum dosages, the drug is taken every day regardless of training. The first week of 3 tablets. per day, the next 3 weeks we take 4 tab. per day and last week for 3 tab. per day.

Testosterone cypionate is an injectable form of an oil-based steroid in 10 ampoules of 1 ml each. The drug is put intramuscularly 2 times a week for 1 ml. for 1 time. days of the day of injections Monday - Thursday, or Tuesday - Friday.

In the course itself after the second week will be included Proviron 20 tab. on 50 mg. to improve the quality of the musculature received, to suppress aromatization (fluid retention), and to increase libido. It is accepted on 1 tab. every day, 20 days.

This course includes: Turanabol 100 tab. + Testosterone ciponate 10 ml. + Proviron 20 tab. + Clomid 20 tab.

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