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Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate
Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate
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Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate


About the drug

For a lot of time beginners have problems with a set of muscle mass and in every possible way try to choose the most effective courses in recruitment.

Of course, everyone understand that the total muscle gain will’t be rapid, but it will be gradual and constant, and after the course of admission, your body will look dry and pumped up. The average increase in muscle mass for a course of 5 weeks is about 5 kg taking into account good nutrition and proper training.

Don’t forget that raw and not high-quality muscles always after the course will be gradually lost, but in the end, you will return to where you started. Therefore, consider the proposed version of drugs as an excellent prospect for a set of clean muscles, without side effects and with long-term preservation.


Working and Positive Effects


These drugs are very often used in steroid courses for quality, or for drying, but they very well increase the strengths that play a significant role in performing heavy training. The course Turanabol + Testosterone propionate can be used in cases where you have scored good volumes and you need to improve the quality of the muscles by drying and removing excess fluid from the body. It is also often pursued the goal of obtaining a good preservation of muscle mass, which is a problem for every athlete. Therefore, it is best to buy not a big course of Turanabol and Testosterone propionate, to give the muscles more quality and get conservation.

For beginners, this course will be very interesting as its cost is affordable, and the result satisfies many requirements. Regardless of whether you have a problem with excess weight, or not, you will get a pronounced sports figure with good muscle volumes.


Characteristic of Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate:


•Increase endurance by 15 - 20%;

•Increase in quality musculature about 5kg;

•No fluid retention (conversion to estrogen);

•There is an effect of not great drying.


Dosage and Expected Result


Receiving the course Turanabol and Testosterone Propionate is very easy to remember, because of the complexity, it does not represent. Dosages can always be slightly increased, or reduced, it depends on what you want to get. The reception is always begins with minimal doses and is gradually seduced by 40 mg. per day and exactly so we leave the course by reducing the daily dose to a minimum. Many hold the opinion that if your weight is up to 100 kg., Then 40 mg per day Turanabol and Testosterone Propionate is quite a normal dosage.

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