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Turanabol, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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60 Tablets
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Turanabol's base is the substance chlorodehydromethyltestosterone - upgraded version well-known Methandrostenolone.


Changes in the chemical structure make it impossible to convert androgens to estrogen. For this reason, drug is considered safe, an excellent solution for beginners. This steroid only increases the dry mass, so its price is quite high. Steroids cannot be bought at the pharmacy, but there is an opportunity to purchase.


Despite low toxic pills are very effective, multifunctional anabolic that can compete with stronger steroid substances. Tablets have a good effect for building muscle mass, but with manifestation of much less androgenic effects, absolutely excluding estrogenic ones. Bodybuilders have the opportunity to have good resultat without the risk of flatulence, gynecomastia. From the taking drug one should expect a stable growth of dry muscles, not holding water, so recoil isn't noticeable. Ability of Turinabol to bind to SHBG (globulin protein binding sex hormones) is a big advantage over another drugs.

Its course is mainly used to build a strong body, develop power. Effect depends on the daily dose, which is usually 40-100 mg. Studies on safety showed that athletes under 90 kg didn't experience any side effects at a dose in 40 mg per day. Existing reviews prove: heavier athletes for maximum results can take up to 60-80 mg without causing harm to their health. In lighter sports, like martial arts, athletics, dosage is determined as follows: body weight in kilograms is divided by 10.

Five days after course's end, natural production of hormone comes to normal. After 7 days synthesis of own testosterone can become even higher. Use of Gonadotropin, Tribulus is not required.


Women with prolonged use drug, may experience virilization effects.

High doses may lead to an increase in liver values, while it is necessary to take hepato-protectors.

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