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Turinabol course on mass
Turinabol course on mass
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Turinabol course on mass


The course of Turinabol for weight will consist in using higher doses with a longer duration of the course itself. This technique will help to get a more progressive set of musculature with a long period, which in turn will lead to better results and longer preservation. Many athletes are of the opinion that a short and strong course contributes to quick results, but the timing of conservation is not able to please. But an increase in the duration of the course of taking Turinabol will only have a positive effect on the timing of preservation. Therefore, it is advisable, if you work for mass, increase not a lot of dosage and duration of the course.
Who needs this course

The course of Turinabol for weight is suitable not only for beginners, but for athletes who want to get quality muscle mass. The intake of most powerful anabolic agents is always accompanied by fluid retention and some increase in body fat. This option is absolutely not suitable for people initially prone to fattening and generally gaining water and fat, this is not quite the right direction.
On the drug Turinabol itself


Turinabol is something between Danabol and Stanozolol. It is not much weaker than danabol, but it does not retain fluid and does not kill the relief. And in comparison with Stanozolol, Turinabol is twice as strong.


From this course to mass, it is worth counting on:

·A set of quality musculature

·Muscle mass will look bold and beautiful

·The preservation of the obtained results will not force constantly to buy steroids for support


It is worth noting that this will affect the increase in the cost of the purchase of the course of Turinabol, because it involves the use of 200 tab. (these are two packs). You can save and buy 1 pack, but you'll have to interrupt your course at the peak of overclocking. It is advisable then to buy another pack because you miss the effect itself.

Pay attention to your food, if you do not have the opportunity to eat properly and regularly, then buy a sport pit so that during the day, at least, somehow compensate for the shortage of necessary elements. Nutrition is the guarantee of your results and it often happens that the athlete on the course can not gain muscle volumes not through the fault of steroids, but for a trivial reason, the lack of proper nutrition. In such cases, many beginners begin to blame the purchased steroid, but the reason is not at all in this. Similarly, pay attention to training, because you have the goal of buying a course of Turinabol for weight, respectively, work for the masses, based more on the basic exercises.


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