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Turinabol, how to take a course
Turinabol, how to take a course
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Turinabol, how to take a course


How to correctly take the course of Turinabol solo - on this topic you can find a lot of different opinions, which, surprisingly, and amaze. Some athletes do not consider that it is worthwhile to seriously bother with this issue and take on the principle of a ladder, while it has its maximum dosage. But there are a lot of people who approach this issue even too meticulously and do a lot of problems on various speculations.

If you are an aspiring athlete, or even just go over to another steroid, then your dosages will be based on the lowest and hope for something terrible just pointless. The average dosage, it is used by most beginners, is 40 mg. per day (4 tablets per 10 mg). The intake of Turinabol in such doses simply cannot have a negative impact, and even more on a course lasting 5 weeks. Many athletes use this steroid during the entire summer season to maintain their results. This choice has clear grounds, which indicate steroid sterility and excellent performance in the field of muscle mass and strength preservation.


The course of Turinabol for the mass


The actual steroid itself has a very high anabolic index, which indicates its ability to increase muscle mass, but due to lack of aromatization it cannot compete with the same Danabol or Methane. In this case, you must realize what results you will get.

The course of Turinabol for mass will be exactly the same as for drying, and for relief. The whole point is setting up food and your workouts. The right diets regulate the subsequent growth of the muscles very well, but in the absence of constant intake of protein, the athlete cannot build muscle volumes well.
If you plan to get as much muscle mass as possible, then try using:

•60 to 70 mg dosages. per day because, like 40 mg. not fully satisfied in the musculature set.

•For this course you will need 2 packs of pills, this is 200 pcs.

It is desirable to supplement, it's all after the course medication. More experienced and understanding athletes try to combine in one course, oral and injection steroid, so you can get a much higher muscle growth. The most popular combination is the course of Turinabol and Boldenon.


The course of Turinabol on relief

The course of Turinabol on relief is very common, but it works well in combination with other steroids for drying. To date, such courses are not very affordable due to their high cost, but still they are the most effective. Many newcomers do not welcome the use of injection steroids, which are important in courses on drying, or relief. It's safe to say that Turinabol works very well in the spring and summer, to give the muscles a decent expressiveness.

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