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Turinover + Boldever, Course of steroids

Turinover + Boldever
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About the drug

A successful combination of oral and injection steroid exclusively Vermodje, each of which has already earned respect among athletes, will remove excess fat deposits and well podkachatsya. Oral anabolic Turinover is able to work effectively to build solid muscles, to positively influence the growth of strength and endurance. He is not inclined to detain the liquid, he guarantees no aromatization and other unpleasant side effects. Boldever is a popular injection steroid, which became popular many years ago primarily among bodybuilders. Beginners should not be afraid of painful injections. Since when injecting the drug strictly intramuscularly to perform injections it is correct to really learn quickly and easily. The drug works well to build muscle, increases appetite, makes any athlete noticeably stronger. In a bunch, both steroids complement each other and increase the effectiveness of the second remedy in the course.

Working and Positive Effects

The results that athletes who have chosen the course for the mass Turinover + Boldever can get:

  • The ability to add musculature in a volume of 3 - 5 kg;
  • Burning excess fat and acquiring stiff and dense dry muscles;
  • Indicators of physical strength and endurance are guaranteed to increase;
  • Increased motivation for effective training.

Many beginning athletes who have already completed Turinover + Boldever course, soon again get drugs to go through it again.

Dosage and Expected Result

A standard scheme for taking Turinover + Boldever in combination is known. Since dosages are designed for an athlete of primary or secondary level, do not worry about the appearance of pobochek. And the drugs themselves, in fact, are not too strong. The duration of the course is 5 weeks.

Turinover needs to be taken, starting from 2 tablets a day during the first week. Then the reception is done in this way - 3 pieces per day for the 2nd, 4 pieces for the 3rd, 3 for the 4th and 2 tablets for the 5th week of the course. That is, the dosage first gradually increases, then it also decreases. Injection boldever recommended to prick on the same days during all weeks of the course. You can choose, for example, Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday. Dosage is 1 ml of funds for each time of admission. After the end of this wonderful course for weight, you must always take the drug to carry out PCT. He is traditionally Clomid. You should start drinking 1 tablet a day for 20 days, a week after the completion of the course of steroids.

The proposed course includes: Turinover - 100 tab. + Boldever - 10 ml. + Clomid - 20 tablets.

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