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Model: 4-Chlorohydromethyltestosterone 1 Tablets/10 mg
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Turinox is anabolic steroids, has a structure similar to methandrostenolone. An atomic structure contains fourth atom of Carbone - chlorine atom.

Pills has increased activity, contains a increased percentage of testosterone.Turinox isn't converted into estrogens, its hepatotoxic. Tablets are taken orally. The drug remains active in your body for 16 hours, can be detected within two hundred fifty days. Turinox has many similarities with methandrostenolone, but unlike it does not hold water.

Another argument of taking this medication is that it doesn't cause effects associated with estrogenic activity (gynecomastia, acne), a feature is absence the estrogenic post-effects.
Optimal dosage - 20 - 40 mg daily.
However, in practice, sportsmen quite often violate these doses, without having any side effects.

If your goal is not to gain weight, but to improve power capacity, then you need to reduce the dosage to 10-20 mg per day. Such dosages are relevant, first of all, for wrestlers, runners, boxers, other athletes that are striving to increase their power capabilities. But remember that the period of detection is significant. On basis of this, there are often problems with doping tests.

In market there are so many different fakes, use of which can cause severe harm to your body. Main pills drawback is hepatotoxicity. Side effects appear relatively rarely.  This is a huge plus in favor of this drug.



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