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V-Tada Super
V-Tada Super
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V-Tada Super (20 mg) – famous analog of Cialis tablets


Among the wide variety of generics, V-Tada Super deserves attention - a new formula for enhancing erection, increasing libido. The company Vipro has developed an improved version of the stimulator of sexual power based on Tadalafil. The duration of the active element can reach 48 hours – a record indicator in comparison with analogues. Product reviews are positive: stable, long result, elastic, application efficiency, minimum price.

V-Tada Super – another generic Cialis from the manufacturer Vipro Lifescience. It is characterized by excellent quality and lower price unlike Tadalel. Produced in blisters for 10 tablets.

The drug is an effective tool to combat male weakness. Activates an erection, by blood filling the penis with blood, by relaxing the smooth muscles.


How does V-Tada Super(20 mg) work?


V-Tada Super(20 mg) is suitable for men with sluggish erection and decreased sexual desire due to age-related changes in the body. Men who have difficulties in their personal lives against the background of fatigue and the shattered state of the nervous system.


Some advantages of V-Tada Super:


•restore sexual health, and significantly improve sexual activity;

•positively affect the potency;

•perceptibly improve the quality of intimate life;

•improve the blood circulation of the groin, thereby accelerate the development of erection;

•enhance sexual desire.


Under the influence of Cialis, men's sexual stamina increases noticeably, the erection becomes really strong, and sex is enjoyable.


The dosage of the preparation and the way it is used


Take 1 tablet of 20 mg for 30 - 50 minutes before the onset of sex. Take better with warm water. The tablet contains an average optimal dosage, which should not be exceeded. The preparation operates in fifteen minutes from the time of admission, for 38 to 42 hours. Call for the duration of action 5-8 erections.

Generic Tadalafil is allowed to take no more than 1 tablet in 2 days. The drug should be washed down with plain water or other non-alcoholic drinks. It is allowed to combine with a moderate amount of alcohol. The drugs recommended only for men who are not under 18 years of age.

Active component of the drug is Tadalafil Citrate. Tablets are dispensed without a prescription. V-Tada Super increases the duration of sexual intercourse, from 80 minutes to 2 hours.

The use of the drug is contraindicated in cirrhosis, cancer of the stomach, after a heart attack, stroke, as well as men over 65 years of age. Doctors recommend V-Tada Super 20 mg for men with severe signs of impotence after 40 years. Take Cialis is prohibited in conjunction with anesthetics, psychotropic drugs, drugs that contain nitrates, along with sleeping pills, analgesics and antidepressants.


Before starting the use of Cialis, we recommend that you undergo a medical examination


Possible side effects: redness of the face, pain in the lumbar region, diffuse muscular pain, edema of the nasal mucosa.

Contraindications: unstable angina, serious vascular disease, severe arterial hypotension, pigmentary diseases of the glue.

As a result of the normalization of the bloodstream of the genital area, the process of erection is accelerated, the sensitivity, duration of sexual contact increases. Tablets are compatible with small portions of alcoholic, fatty dishes. According to the instructions, the drug is suitable for the stronger sex of any age group. Order now a unique remedy V-Tada Super and forget about lost potency.

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