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Vidalista 20 is a medicinal product for the prevention and treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction). It is produced by the pharmaceutical company Centurion Laboratories in India and is an exact analogue of the well-known preparation Cialis. The drug is absolutely identical in effect, in quality and other aspects, but Vidalista 20 has a more democratic price.

The active substance of the product, like its analog, is tadalafil. It is a synthetic substance, which by natural means increases the blood flow to the penile member causing an erection. The active agent belongs to the category of phosphodiesterase inhibitors of the fifth type (PDE-5) and affects only the natural mechanisms of the body. Increasing the level of cGMP in the tricky body of the penis, leads to relaxation of smooth muscle arteries and blood filling. Responsible for the production and activity of nitric oxide, which stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic region. However, in the absence of sexual stimulation, the process of erectile mehanism will not be started.

Dosage and administration

Some important points in applying Vidalista 20:

  • Tadalafil acts quite an impressive amount of time - up to 36 hours. Such a duration can not boast of any drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • The optimal dose of the drug is 20 mg of tadalafil per day (1 tablet). Produced in the form of blisters for oral use.
  • The use of the drug should be at least 17-20 minutes before the planned sexual act.
  • Exceeding the above norm may entail only a negative result.
  • Without the sexual desire for a partner, the expected result will not be achieved.
  • Adoption of the optimal dose of the drug does not depend on the amount of food consumed. Only a significant amount of fatty foods and alcohol can significantly slow down the action of the active substance.


When taking any medication, you must consult a doctor. It is not recommended to take the medicine together with alcohol, grapefruit, because they are not compatible with the active substances of the drug and can cause disgusting sensations.

It is not allowed to use this drug by persons under the age of majority, people with low blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys, and hypersensitivity to any substance that is part of Vidalista 20, as well as having angina, hypotension, arterial hypertension.

There may be a decrease in pressure, but only if this drug is combined with preparations containing nitrates or nitrogen oxide.

For persons suffering from severe renal or hepatic insufficiency (creatine clearance 30 ml / min), the selection of a special dose is not required. The elderly also benefit from the recommendations given above in the article.

Exceeding the optimal dosage (20 mg per day) of Vidalista 20 can lead to an increase in the number of unwanted side effects: increased sensitivity to light, headaches, nasal congestion, pain in the back and legs, slight dizziness, color misalignment, rhinitis, eyelid edema. The most frequent of them are headache and dyspepsia (11 and 7% of cases). After several stable techniques, the body adapts and discomfort ceases to bother. In the case of no manifestation of an erection for several hours, it is worth to consult a doctor. The negative manifestations do not last longer than a few hours and do not require medical intervention.

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