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Vilitra 20 (Vilithra 20) is a drug based on the active substance Vardenafil. Its purpose is to treat erectile dysfunction (men’s sexual disorder).

Erection has always been one of the most exciting issues for the male half of humanity. This is invariably associated with masculinity and success among women, while problems with potency tend to negatively affect relationships of a pair. Potency can be influenced by many different factors – stress, high physical or psychological stress, improper mode and even ecology. The main thing in such cases is not to allow the problem to get worse and start treatment in time. The drug Vilitra for a few weeks will help to solve the problem of a weak erection or even complete absence of it. The drug is available in the form of tablets for internal use. You can easily adjust the dosage, taking half the pill. It is recommended to avoid overdose, in order to avoid some side effects.

Principle of action of Vilitra 20

The description of action:

  • the active substances increase the response to sexual stimulation. In fact, the drug does not create an erection, but strengthens it;
  • the use of this drug also has a positive effect in terms of the duration of sexual intercourse, eliminating premature ejaculation;
  • Vilitra 20 can help you not only leave problems with sexual function in the past, but also significantly improve your sex life;
  • you can feel the effect of the drug in 20-25 minutes, and its effect will last about 5-6 hours, allowing you to successfully carry out sexual intercourse.

With regular admission Vilitra 20 normalizes the reproductive system in patients with even the strongest erectile dysfunction (up to complete impotence). Within a month, patients who hes been teking the drug on a regular basis felt a significant improvement in male strength. Also, patients had a significant effect in terms of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

Start to take Vilitra 20

It is recommended to use half of the pill once a day, approximately 20-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. In the future, you can focus on your feelings and determine whether you need to increase the dosage. However, it is not recommended to use more than 20 milligrams (one tablet) per day. The dose adjustment does not depend on the age of the man, minor violations of the liver and kidneys. The effect of the drug does not affect your mental or emotional state, the substance acts locally, improving the blood supply of the genital organs. The effectiveness of the drug is not significantly reduced when eating fatty foods or alcohol. However, it is forbidden to take it simultaneously with any other drug intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (for example – Viagra).

The maximum effect of the drug you get with sufficient level of sexual stimulation. This is explained by the fact that the active substances improve the reaction of the body to stimulation, strengthening the erection. Taking this into account, you can feel the best action of the drug.

Thus, if you experience severe impairment of the sexual function, the use of Vilitra 20 will help you to solve this problem, to establish a sexual life and avoid problems in your relationships and the family quarrels that arise against this background. Even if you have serious problems, even impotence, within a few weeks you will be able to fully restore your masculinity and improve your sex life. Customers' reviews point out the significant efficacy and quality of Vilitra 20 compared to many other drugs designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

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