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What does Trenbolone Acetate give athletes?

What does Trenbolone Acetate give athletes?



Like many steroids, Tren was not originally intended for humans - scientists were developing it as a livestock product that could help cattle gain weight rapidly. And although the drug is still not properly certified for human use, athletes began to actively use it several decades ago to achieve a similar effect on their own body. Today, this steroid is highly regarded for its ability to quickly increase muscle mass, increase endurance, and strengthen the body as a whole. Although drugs based on tren are considered potent, they are affordable for most people - and this is another argument in favor of its widespread popularity.


Main effects


Preparations based on Tren, among which trenbolone acetate is especially popular, are taken as a course of injections. Knowledgeable people note that it is not worth experimenting with calculating the dosage on your own - this should be done by a specialist. If you calculate the amount correctly, the drug will show the following results:


  • explosive growth of muscle mass;
  • significant improvement in endurance;
  • increased libido and sexual desire, although in some cases it is exactly the opposite;
  • minimizing cortisol levels;
  • a rapid drop in the percentage of body fat.


The body breaks down the steroid formula quickly enough, therefore it is recommended to make injections during the course every day. There is another tactic that involves taking a double dose every other day. In any case, you should not make a decision on the rules of admission, starting only from how convenient you are - find an experienced trainer who will not only advise the drug, but also tell you how to inject it correctly in your case. One of the important factors in determining the optimal dosage is the intensity of physical activity, so it is the trainer who will tell you the right dose better than any blogger on the Internet. Please also note that experienced athletes, as a rule, are not limited to trenbolone acetate alone - in parallel, they also take nandrolone with testosterone, since the most pronounced effect is achieved only in this case.


Are there any side effects?


Humanity has not yet come up with a single drug that would be completely devoid of any side effects, and this applies to tren acetate as well. You can often hear that the correct dosage of the drug levels out or significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects, and this is true, but you should not think that strict adherence to a correctly drawn up course a priori relieves you of any extraneous symptoms. The one who is forewarned is always armed, so let's briefly consider the possible side effects.


A very likely consequence of taking tren is an increase in blood pressure - most likely, it will appear to a small extent even if you have a very experienced specialist compiled the program. Anabolic steroids often provoke increased agitation, so insomnia is also possible. Hair loss is more often associated with an overdose, without it there should not be such an effect, and acne is a "bonus" only for those who, alas, are inclined to this. Opinions are divided regarding sexual abilities - usually athletes report that they only increase, but there are those who, on the contrary, complain about tren due to a decrease in libido.