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Winstrol + Boldenon, Course of steroids

Winstrol + Boldenon
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About the drug

The proposed course is more suitable for obtaining not a lot of dry and embossed musculature. Sometimes this combination of steroids is attributed to the direction of the fat burning effect. On this occasion, we can say only one thing, the Winstrol, Boldenon and the set calories training can give a very positive result. But, if you are cursing for drying and do not take into account the correctness of nutrition and training, then the drugs will not be able to make a miracle. 

Working and Positive Effects 

The course Winstrol and Boldenon is well suited for the following athletes who:

  • Do not welcome oral medication;
  • Believed that injections work more loyally;
  • Stick to classical views on doping.

These drugs in a joint parallel reception well reinforce each other, so dosages are used minimal. This significantly reduces the risks of side effects, while giving a decent result.

The duration of taking Boldenon is 5 weeks, this is a short form of administration, it is economical in finance and minimally affects the suppression of the production of their own testosterone. Similarly, the interaction of the proposed steroids is not capable of causing a number of major side effects in the form of fluid retention and gynecomastia.

Dosage and Expected Result

A very important point of any course of steroids, these are the chosen dosages, it is this fact that affects the whole result. The number of drugs in this course and their doses are calculated for an average athlete with a total body weight of up to 80 - 85 kg. If your weight is a little more, then try consulting the administrator and he will tell you everything.

Boldenon is an oil-based steroid, injections are strictly intramuscular, better in the gluteus muscle. It is designed to increase appetite and a set of quality musculature. It is considered a preparation of mild action, which does not have a negative effect on the body. 2 ml is taken. every week, put on Monday 1 ml. + Thursday 1 ml. and so on for 5 weeks.

Winstrol is an injectable steroid on a water basis, administered strictly intramuscularly. Used for drying and removing excess fluid from muscle fibers. Introduced 2 times a week for 1 ml. on Tuesday and 1 ml. on Friday and so on for 5 weeks. After the course of Boldenon and Winstrol on PCT, it is better to use Clomid. This drug is considered after the course and is used to resume the production of its own testosterone after taking anabolic steroids. This course includes: Winstrol 10 ml. + Boldenon 10 ml. + Clomid 20 tab.

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