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Xanodrol (Oxandrolone)
Xanodrol (Oxandrolone)
Model: Oxandrolone 1 Tablets /5 mg
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Xanodrol has high-level anabolic, low-level androgenic activity. Taking it's you will gain a quick muscle mass.

These pills were originally developed for the treatment, prevention of HIV-infected people, rehabilitation after severe burns, strengthening of bones. Later, it began to be actively used for muscle growth.  Pills taking leads to an increase in the quality, strength with a minimal negative effect. Main effects:

fat burning;

strength, endurance;

increasing growth hormone.

Action is unique because the muscle gain passes without water retention.


Remember: before using, you should consult a specialist. It is important to understand that this medication is affects the liver, although it shows itself for toxicity much weaker than analogs.

The first signs are a light stool, pain in the right hypochondriac.


Since the conversion of the steroid to estrogens is absent, such side (gynecomastia, presence of acne) aren't there.


This preparation has practically no effect on testosterone production. Among the side effects can be noted nausea, abdominal pain,  decrease appetite.


Its course of admission is 2-4 weeks,  dosage 2.5-20 mg per day. A volume for those who want to increase the physical load is 15-25 mg 6-8 weeks.



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