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Pharmaceutical company "Zambon" was established in Italy in 1906 as a family business. And here is the list of brief facts about the company.

·The company was founded by the Italian pharmacist Gaetano Zambon.

·Today it is one of the largest private Italian companies in the world, which has been operating for over 100 years. The original Zambon preparations are popular in more than 40 countries.

·About 2500 people work in Zambon's branches in 16 countries. Medicines produced by the company's plants in Italy, Switzerland, China and Brazil, daily improving the quality of life for millions of people on different continents.

Mentioned qualities, in addition to the variety of ongoing researches, promotion and retailing strategies consistently provide the company with the amount of pharmaceuticals. We are justifiably proud of the reputation of a manufactory as initiators at forefront of the industry extensive production of various drugs as well as the dosage forms using which Zambon manufacturer constantly improves the quality of life to thousands of people.


The Force is About Innovations


President of the manufactory Elena Zambon continues family traditions by preserving company's main values - honesty, reliability and the desire for constant improvement. This allows the company "Zambon" to be at a high level and to be respected among the world scientific community.

In 1995 the company Zambon SpA opened its Representative Office in Russia. Since that time the company has been actively cooperating with leading Russian specialists in various fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Russian patients were able to make sure in their experience of the high effectiveness and safety of Zambon's drugs. In addition to Russia, the company is represented through its partners also in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia.

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