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Zhewitra-20, Zhewitra-20

Model: 20 mg
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All men like to give maximum pleasure to their ladies heart. Unfortunately, with age, not always and not at all it turns out. You can easily enter into their number, as the factors leading to erectile dysfunction are a whole lot. And in such a deplorable case you should definitely use Viagra or its powerful analogue, the drug Zhewitra-20.

This drug is world famous for its faster and more powerful than Viagra action. In 20 minutes you will have a powerful and long-lasting steel erection, which everyone will envy.

The drug is available in tablets, 10 pieces in each package.

Feature of Zhewitra-20

Zhewitra-20 has always been considered one of the strongest analogues of Viagra, which has a lot of advantages over its competitors. The newest developments in this direction multiply the strength of the drug many times.

The active substance is Vardenafil, a great difference for the better from Viagra.

First, this is certainly the colossal duration of the Zhewitra-20, leaving competitors far behind. The effect will last about 10-12 hours, and the erection will come on many occasions, with every sexual contact, which will greatly surprise and please your lady.

Second, this is the easiest tolerability of the drug, the reception of which is possible from the age of 18, and does not harm the young male body.

The third fact will be pleasant for all men, the break between sexual contacts is very short-term, up to 20 minutes maximum, which again can not but delight your partner.

The fourth important aspect tells us about the very loyal price policy of this drug, which is today an undoubted advantage in the market of drugs for men with erectile dysfunction.

Method of application and contraindications

Zhewitra-20 should be taken for half an hour before sexual intercourse, which is a clear plus in front of other drugs, quickly works, works long. I'm glad that neither the intake of alcohol in limited quantities, nor fatty food in any way will not disturb the work of our miracle drug, you can relax in full and rest at 100%.

If the problems with the erection are fickle, you should start taking a half tablet, drinking it with a glass of water, do not overdo it in such situations. The daily dose is 1 tablet, not more. 10-12 hour erection will please even the most impregnable Snow Queen.

Contraindications to the use of the drug include such requirements: compulsory consultation with a specialist, it is forbidden to take women and minors, it is not recommended to take the drug for hypertension and hypotension, also if the retina is broken, Zhewitra-20 is forbidden in case of problems with the kidneys, liver, stomach ulcer and problems with the sexual organ. We advise you to refrain from taking the drug when you are forbidden to have sex or exercise.

The algorithm of action

  • Do not accept girls and minors
  • Consultation with a doctor about taking Zhewitra-20
  • reception of the drug
  • activity of active substance in the blood
  • relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis
  • powered blood flow to the smooth muscles of the penis
  • Stal erection and euphoria of your companion
  • an unforgettable night for you two

Very little in the drug and side effects, which are rarely manifested. These are such effects as: nausea, dizziness, increased photosensitivity of the retina of the eyes, palpitations. Nevertheless, all these effects, if you have, will pass within 24 hours without a trace.

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